Crystal singing bowls sets


- harmonization sets -

We would like to introduce you a very powerful and effective

therapeutic instrument

that harmonizes and purifies our energy centers.

Crystal bowls create a strong oscillating power field that pervades us deeply into all our bodies

(physical, emotional, mental, soul and spiritual),

they pyrify, harmonize us and in this way increase our vital energy.

On the physical level they influence crystalline structures of silicon which is one of the basic building elements of our bodies.

Vibration energy of crystal bowls resonates in mutual afinity (mutual relation) with our body and penetrates deep into soft tissues where it heals us on cellular level.

Our organism returns into balance and hormony that is vital for correct functioning of the body and for its self-regeneration mechanism.

Crystal bowls effects also influence our subtle bodies in a positive way and they help to unblock, pyrify and remedy our conscious and subconscious blocks

(on mental, emotional, soul and spiritual levels)

that lie in us and that influence our behaviour and our life situations.

Crystal bowls effects with the aid of deep harmonization can recode DNA information on the deepest levels of the soul body.

Tones generated by crystal bowls are one of the puriest and most effective sounds that exit. They create vibrations and sounds that connect us to higher spheres of the universal consciousness.

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