Rain harmonization poles



Harmonization poles for personal use

These harmonization poles are suitable for personal harmonization.

Rain pole 50 cm

This harmonization pole is 50 cm high. It is semi-type between 40 and 60 cm poles. Its construction is able to prolong inceasing rain fall sound twice.

Weight 1,5 kg. 37 Db.

Lenght of sound duration 4 minutes.

Price 199 Euro

Rain pole 60 cm

Harmonization rain pole of 60 cm is very suitable for personal use. In our offer it is the top-selling product. Its size is ideal for personal harmonization.

It is very suitable for bedrooms during falling asleep as well.

Lenght of sound duration 7 minutes.

Price  299 Euro

Therapeutical harmonization poles

These harmonization rain poles are suitable for personal and group therapies.

Rain pole 70 cm

This pole is suitable for personal or smaler group therapy form 1 person to 4 people.

Its sound intensity is of middle rate.

It is suitable for wellness studios, mediaition centers, cosmetic studios etc.

The pole is also suitable for living quarters for personal deep relaxation

or to bedrooms as calming tool to fall asleep with the quiet rain drops sound.

Weight 3,1 kg. 43 Db.

Lenght of sound duration 9 minutes.

Rain pole 85 cm

This pole is already a valuable therapeutic instrument which is suitable for personal or group therapy. Its sound is much more intensive and is capable to fill a whole room.

Lenght of sound of 17 minutes already meets the time of deep harmonization.

For more intensive therapies we recommend a pole with longer sound.It is possible to increase or decrease the intensity of sound according to the client's will.

Weight 7 kg. 43 - 45 Db.

Lenght of sound duration 17 minutes.

Price 349 Euro

Price 510 Euro


We then offer Harmonization rain poles of above-standard sizes and lenght of sound.

120 cm lenght of sound 25 - 30 min 

150 cm lenght of sound 1 hour

Harmonization rain poles Profi are ideal for group therapies and are very suitable for your therapeutic centers.

These poles are made as commissioned work and meet specific needs of a client concerning intensity and lenght of sound.

We also offer sets with more pieces for maximal effect.

Prices to be requested via email.

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